Fire is the end lesson 🔥

Bring me
Bound to barren ground
My cracked skull
We bleed it all into the earth
I washed you out
The seasons we must bear
I bled you dry

Another eye
Reaping celestial fire
The deepest cut
with cave mouthed dogs
With nothing left
The entrails of the mother lie
I keep love

Truth is a rising tide
This river runs dry
The mill grinds us down
With stones around our necks

My dissectors read
The ever angled cloth
A bringer empty
An empty bringer
I will not question
You in my mind
The wall is open
And man is blind

The fire is the end lesson

All returners bind me
I wake to the pain of all returners
While I descend those
Fall in and breathe
Walled in spirit

(Music & lyrics Neurosis)


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