Split with Panopticon, Nechochwen and Aerial Ruin

Just a few words of mine, to present two very remarkable split albums, available via Bindrune Recordings (vinyl and digital). This label has a strong bond with nature and folklore, thus is not surprising to find in its roster names such as Panopticon and Nechochwen, probably two of the greatest artistic entities in the american black metal scene, nowadays.

The brotherhood burns strong and defines its union once again on the first, inspiring split between Nechochwen and Panopticon. 5 exclusive tracks of powerful woodland metal, finding 4 new songs from Nechochwen and one long opus from Panopticon. Drawings by Austin Lunn.

Regarding Nechochwen side:

Shortly before his death, my uncle gave me a book of local Indian and pioneer stories. One of these stories, “The Legend of Standing Rock”, became a favorite of mine. It takes place near a stone landmark in eastern Ohio. I do not know the story’s origin or historical accuracy but its message inspired the following two songs, “Of Wisdom and Prophecy” and “The Megalith”. I dedicate these two songs to the memory of Mark “Old Warrior” Stoughton. “The Mingling Waters” is a tribute to the land along two streams in West Virginia where my grandparents lived and to the various people who inhabited this land for thousands of years. I imagined cremations there long ago which became the basis for this song. A scattering of cremation remains in these streams would follow a course through several bodies of water, eventually reaching the Gulf of Mexico. “The Red Road” is a new version of a song written back in 2005 for what would later become Nechochwen. An instrumental, classical guitar trio version appears as the song “Gissis Mikana” on the “Azimuths to the Otherworld” album.

(Nechochwen, September 24, 2019 )

On “Rune’s Heart”, the song by Panopticon:

This song was written for (my son) Rune… But this recording is dedicated to (my wife) Bekah. Her heroic strength through this ordeal is what carried our family through that horrible month and a half of fear and doubt and the chaos that followed it. My love and gratitude for her is beyond messure. Her strength and motherhood is absolutely heroic. And I’d like to especially thank Reece, Pat and Trott for coming through for us when we needed them most. You are the men I aspire to be like. Thank you for continuing to help me grow and be a better man.

Written and recorded by A. Lunn. With guest vocal appearances by Bekah Lunn (screamed and sung) and Reece Wagstaff (screamed). A lyrical exerpt was taken from the poem “Take My Heart” by Reece Wagstaff which he wrote for Rune.

The second split album is a very introspective and personal journey for both musical entities. Featuring purely acoustic music embracing the sorrow of this folk and Americana union, Aerial Ruin unveils 5 new tracks and Panopticon brings 4 to the table (including Chris Knight and Blaze Foley covers). Cover art by Austin Lunn. Aerial Ruin is Erik Moggridge – acoustic guitar and vocals. Austin Lunn, regarding his contribute to the album:

This is a collection of folk songs that are very personal to me. Some I wrote, some I didn’t. Recording this record was a time of processing… it helped me get through a dark time in my life. Don’t let the fire burn out.


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